NIBE takes responsibility for its employees

  • Our shared values and a clear code of conduct guide our decisions and day-to-day operations.
  • Through our decentralised leadership, we can maintain simple organisational structures with an independent operational leadership and a local character.
  • Our internal training efforts and the educational collaboration we have with external partners, universities and schools augments our ability to ensure long-term staffing needs.
  • In countries with traditionally fewer permanent forms of employment, staff turnover is high. But we are making every effort to find ways to reduce staff turnover in these countries.
  • Established targets and metrics are followed up at the company level to monitor progress, and strategic goals are followed up on a global level.
  • We regularly follow up with on-site visits to ensure that working conditions, diversity and equal treatment meet our requirements.

Our ability to retain and attract skilled, committed talent is key to achieving our goals today and into the future

Committed employees

Via our shared values and a clear code of conduct, which guide our decisions and day-to-day operations, we can maintain simple organisational structures with independent operational leadership. This inspires employee engagement and an incentive to develop and make use of their potential. Our values are therefore a natural part of our induction for new employees.

If you want to thrive at NIBE, initiative, humility and common sense make a winning combination. We must treat each other with respect, and leaders and managers must set a good example in terms of honesty and straightforward communication.


Knowledge-intensive business

Our operations are knowledge-intensive and are under constant development. Locally in the companies, we identify training and development needs and continuously give our employees the opportunity to grow.


Good working conditions

We work systematically to improve the working environment at all our plants to create safe workplaces and reduce ill-health Our overarching goal is to have zero-accident workplaces, with an interim LTIF target of less than six by the end of 2020.


Diversity and equal treatment

Our employees, with their unique experience, knowledge and talents, add great value to our operations. We run a global business with cultural and social differences, and so it is important for us to have a diversity and equal treatment policy.


Respect for human rights

We operate in countries where human rights might be restricted. Our position on human rights and workers’ rights is summed up in our values and our stance on modern slavery and human trafficking.


Key figures



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NIBE supports the Agenda 2030 goals by


Promoting a safe and secure working environment, protecting workers’ rights and ensuring decent working conditions in both their own activities and in the supply chain, along with protecting jobs and growth. (Goal 8)

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