NIBE Stoves

Heating products that provide comfort

NIBE Stoves’ product range comprises stoves for different energy sources in various sizes and designs to suit different kinds of houses and commercial properties. The range also includes chimney systems and other accessories.

Wood burning stoves

Wood-burning stoves

Wood stoves use renewable fuel and are therefore climate neutral, which means that we contribute to a more sustainable society. The products already comply with the upcoming Ecodesign directive with lower emission levels.

Electric stoves

Electric stoves

Electric heaters create a sense of fire without wood. The flame image is produced with LED and can provide up to 50,000 hours of operation time. Using a remote control, the intensity of the fire can be adjusted.

Gas stoves

Gas stoves

Gas stoves combine the heat of a solid burner with the ease of gas. With a gas stove you can choose from stones, glass etc for the flames to burn around.

Free standing stoves

Free-standing stoves

Traditional stoves that come in different materials and that fit in both modern and classic homes.

Inserts and built in stoves

Heat-retaining products

With Inserts and built-in stoves it is possible to choose materials and designs around the insert itself. Classic cassettes are also available for smaller houses such as holiday homes.

Chimney systems

Chimney systems

Complete chimney systems for comprehensive customer solutions.


A variety of accessories for stoves, chimneys and heating are available.