Strategic focus areas for good profitability and sustainable value creation

Our goals are focused sharply on profitable growth and sustainable value creation with healthy finances. Our strategies for achieving the goals are tried and tested and based on our business principles, focusing on four strategic areas: growth with profitability, innovation, market-oriented expansion and a long-term approach.

Growth with profitability

Our total average growth target of 20% a year should be achieved half through organic growth and half through strategic acquisitions. Sustainable growth creates prospects for good profitability.

Organic growth

The pace of development for new sustainable products and solutions is high, resulting in frequent product launches. In parallel, we continuously evolve our operations with a high rate of investment so that our growth can produce good profitability.

Acquired growth

We prioritise the acquisition of strong brands and products that complement our existing range, and markets that strengthen our position globally. For a potential acquisition to be interesting, it must add new technology, enable us to establish a presence in new geographical markets and/or increase our share in existing markets.

Innovation focusing on intelligent energy solutions

Always being at the cutting edge with the most attractive product range is key to profitable growth. With a high rate of product development, based on research and new technology, we can offer products and solutions that appeal to the market while helping to reduce environmental impact.

Digital technology development is focused on making future energy systems around the world more connected, intelligent, reliable and sustainable. NIBE contributes to this development.



Market-oriented expansion in an increasingly sustainable world

The globalisation of our business gives us the chance to be represented in the right location with the right provider. With our decentralised organisation, we can scale our businesses and develop locally in the best possible way while still leveraging the benefits of belonging to a global Group.

A long-term approach

Since our beginnings nearly 70 years ago, we have created a global Group and a presence worldwide as well as a solid platform for further expansion with profitability. Clear shared values and long-term ownership are behind the continuity and stability in the Group.

Geographical distribution of sales growth


SEK 300 M

Geographical Growth NIBE 1989


SEK 6,511 M

Geographical Growth NIBE 2010


SEK 25,342 M

Geographical Growth NIBE 2018