NIBE Stories

Preconception about Engineers (Ingenjörsfördomar)

CEO Gerteric Lindquist answer questions from youtuber Emil Persson (in swedish). He wants to know if engineers really are as people say and how it is to work at NIBE.

Innovation country Sweden (Innovationslandet Sverige) 

CEO Gerteric Lindquist meets Dr Emma Frans in her podd and talks about NIBE innovations (in swedish).

Solar panel podd (Solcellskollen)

CEO Gerteric Lindquist talks about NIBE and the Heat pump history (in swedish).

link to solcellskollen
nibestories nordbygg

NIBE Element is a supplier for the semiconductor production

In several countries, the need for local semiconductor production has led to a strategic review of the need for investment to secure future supplies of this important component. As a supplier of heating and control equipment, this benefits us.

nibestories nordbygg

NIBE Climate Solutions participate at NORDBYGG

Many people had been looking forward to visiting the largest meeting place for the construction sector in the Nordic countries – NORDBYGG. There we introduced a new generation of exhaust air heat pumps S735 with a low noise level and large hot water capacity.

nibestories nordbygg

NIBE Stoves Contura C556C is now also a digital stove

Contura Connect makes it easier to achieve environmentally-friendly and efficient combustion. The stove automatically minimise emissions. Digital technology helps control oxygen supply, increases energy efficiency and contributes to cost-effective heating.