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Our company encourages our employees' creativity and technical expertise. Therefore, we are committed to providing the best career and development opportunities possible. It is both rewarding and fun to work at NIBE.

  • Hi, I work in sales

    My name is Antti and I have been working at NIBE Group since October 2011. Back then I started working at a heating element manufacturing site, Loval Oy in Finland, which is part of the NIBE Element Division.

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  • Hi, I work as an IT technician

    My name is Rasmus and I have been working in NIBE's IT department for 1½ years, after several years as a trainee. My job consists of providing computer and peripherals support to all users at NIBE and our subsidiaries.

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  • Hi, I am the Marketing Manager at ait-deutschland

    My name is Anja and I have been working as Marketing Manager for ait-deutschland, a NIBE Group company in Germany, for 3.5 years.

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