An investment in NIBE shares has yielded good returns

Over 20 years of profitable growth with world-class sustainable energy solutions

Our focus on world-class sustainable energy solutions has led to over 20 years of profitable growth and a growing international presence. This has been a good investment for those who have been shareholders in NIBE Industrier since its initial public offering back in 1997.

Ambitious financial targets with a high level of compliance

NIBE has had average annual sales growth of nearly 18% since 1997 combined with an operating margin of between 10% and 13% and an average return on equity of just over 17%. Since 1997, the share’s total return has averaged 23% annually.

Meeting the demand for energy conservation

NIBE is well positioned thanks to the combination of several drivers that create continued demand for energy-efficient products.

Strong sustainability profile

We have long developed our products with the vision of creating world-class sustainable energy solutions in parallel with a focus on using resources in our business and value chain respectfully.

Huge market potential

Our ambitious growth targets stem from our view that there is still great potential for both organic and acquisition-driven growth on a global scale.

Continued growth in fragmented markets

NIBE’s markets are characterised by their fragmentation, and thus the scope for continued consolidation remains good.

Economies of scale generate profit for the Group’s companies

NIBE’s size creates economies of scale for all companies in the Group in several areas: joint purchasing, production efficiency expertise and an open product development environment, which accelerates time-to-market and provides opportunities for technology transfer.

Dedicated management with a long-term view

Since its initial public offering, NIBE has had highly stable management.

Strong corporate culture

With its roots in Småland, NIBE has an unmistakable entrepreneurial spirit and clear values that guide the entire Group.

A well-developed acquisition process

NIBE has a well-developed acquisition process and clear intentions towards existing senior management, which guarantees retention of strong management teams.