World-class solutions in sustainable energy

NIBE Group, an international group

We contribute to a lower carbon footprint and better utilisation of energy. We develop, manufacture and market environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient solutions for indoor climate comfort for all types of properties.

NIBE Group, an industrial partner

We are a key industrial partner for many companies in various industries. We offer a wide range of components and solutions for intelligent heating and control in industry and infrastructure.


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Sustainability work
– a life-long, genuine commitment

NIBE’s vision is to offer sustainable energy solutions, which means that it has always been natural for us to work to a sustainable society any ways that we can. By delivering long-term sustainable value to our customers, we are also able to maintain good profitability and help contribute to the UN's global development goals.


In line with our operational priorities and our assessments of where we can assert the most influence, we have chosen to work mainly with 7 of the 17 global goals from Agenda 2030. »