NIBE Climate Solutions

Products that make the sustainable society of the future possible

NIBE Climate Solutions offers a wide range of products for intelligent, energy-efficient indoor climate comfort, including heating, air conditioning, heat recovery, ventilation and water heating for homes, apartment blocks and commercial properties.


Most of our solutions are based on recovering renewable energy from soil, rock, sun, water or air. Our products, which can be combined in system solutions with both existing and new systems, can be divided into the following categories.

Heat pump

Heat pumps

The principle is based on indirectly extracting energy from the sun, which is stored in rock, soil, air and water or surplus heat from ventilation exhaust air. The heat can be distributed in both waterborne and airborne systems, used to heat water and stored in an accumulator tank. The heat pump can also be used for air conditioning in both single-family houses and large properties and industry.

Ventilation products and air conditioning

Fresh air ventilation with heat recovery via the heated exhaust air, and products for generating air conditioning for single-family homes, large properties and industrial applications.

Water heaters and accumulator tanks

Water heaters that are designed for energy-efficient heating either with electricity, a heat pump or solar panels. Accumulator tanks that make use of the heat from a wood burner or heat pump, designed for both single-family homes and installations in large properties.

District heating

District heating products

Local and district heating centres for distributing district heating to individual single-family homes as well as individual apartments.

Solar panels

PV panels

Solar power generated from PV panels can be combined with a heat pump and any surplus can be sold to a power producer.

Climate control systems

Climate control systems for large properties

Large residential properties and commercial properties usually have a climate control system that ensures good ventilation, a steady temperature and the correct humidity in all seasons. This requires system solutions that combine heating and air conditioning systems as well as ventilation units with heat recovery in which a heat pump produces heat, hot water and air conditioning.

Domestic boilers

Domestic boilers

Wood-fired or pellet-fired boilers that are connected to an accumulator tank.