NIBE takes business responsibility

  • To continuously strengthen our market position and achieve our set goals, we take long-term actions that combine aggressive product development with strategic acquisitions. 
  • Sound business ethics form our fundamental responsibility throughout our value chain.
  • Both financial and legal due diligence as well as environmental evaluations are conducted in connection with acquisitions.


  • We continuously evaluate our suppliers for responsible sourcing. 
  • We provide training in anti-corruption and have a whistle-blowing system for reporting unethical conduct.
  • Each year, a risk assessment is performed based on our working model for risk management, which includes our business risks. 
  • We signed the UN Global Compact in 2014 and in 2016 committed ourselves to 6 of the 17 sustainability goals in Agenda 2030. 
  • Established targets and metrics are followed up at company level to monitor developments and the strategic goals are followed up on a global level.
  • We regularly follow up with on-site visits to ensure that our operations meet the requirements of corporate responsibility.


We work on corporate responsibility throughout the value chain

Products and new development

International estimates predict an increase in energy demand of 40% by 2040. This means that the rate of global energy efficiency enhancement must increase along with a shift towards renewable energy production, and in this respect, we are well positioned for the future.

We invest many resources in the new digital tools, in the product offering with adaptations to a more connected global world as well as in the development process, so we can have a global business with a local presence. This also helps to reduce environmental impact.

Acquisitions and local development

Due to acquisitions and our increased global presence, the number of local production units is also increasing around the world. Our main principle is to continue to operate businesses where they were founded, thus benefiting the local community in terms of both jobs and purchases from local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Examples of energy-efficient products

Heat pumps reduce energy consumption by up to 80% and can be run on renewable energy


Solar cells generate renewable energy that can be made available anywhere


Heat exchangers optimise and recover energy, reducing demand for supplied energy


Wood-fired stoves and fireplaces radiate heat and create well-being, use renewable energy and meet COP 22 environmental requirements


Components that increase energy efficiency


Components that defrost and heat

Sound business ethics

Our values and business principles entail zero tolerance for all forms of corruption. This is clearly communicated in all contracts with suppliers and other business partners.

We evaluate our corruption risks in our annual risk assessment. In addition to mandatory training in anti-corruption, which all exposed employees must attend regularly, we urge our employees to be vigilant, to ask for advice in situations in which they feel uncertain and to report all incidents in which they have been subjected to any form of attempted bribery or other unethical conduct.

Responsible purchasing

It is important to us that the suppliers we use meet our requirements and standards, which is also stated in our Business Code for Suppliers. We set high standards in terms of product quality, delivery reliability, compliance with legislation and environmental performance. These standards are based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact* and the ETI Base Code** and are aligned with our values.

NIBE supports the Agenda 2030 goals by


Increasing the proportion of products based on renewable energy and meeting market demand for energy-efficient, clean energy solutions. (Goal 7)

Providing resource-efficient and climate-adapted components, products and solutions that contribute to sustainable cities and secure infrastructure. (Goal 11)

For statistics and more information

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