NIBE takes local social responsibility

  • We expect all companies in the Group to comply with statutory requirements, agreements and contracts, and our shared principles and values, regardless of the type of society in which the companies are based.
  • As a company, we do what we can locally where we are established to act as a responsible member of the community.
  • Our values help us decide in each case what priorities are needed to look after our employees and their families and to protect our interests.
  • Partnerships with local schools and institutes of higher education offer development opportunities for both parties.
  • Within the framework of our values and business principles, each company has great freedom to decide for itself how it wants to contribute to developing the community.
  • We see a heightened risk of conflict resulting from the impact of climate change on nature, which contributes to a shortage of drinking water and food.

As a part of society, we must act responsibly as a company

Working conditions

We expect all companies in the Group to comply with statutory requirements, agreements and contracts and our common business principles and values, regardless of the type of society the companies are in.


We regularly review that the working conditions in our operations meet all our standards. Site visits are conducted where management is invited to present how the Group's common policies and guidelines are implemented in the business and how they work in these areas.

Local partnerships for the future

We work with several schools to ensure a good influx of new employees to our businesses in the long term. Young people of all ages are invited to visit our companies to learn about the opportunities available and encourage them to study.


We also have firmly established partnerships with universities and institutes of higher education, offering opportunities for joint development projects, degree projects and internships, both locally and internationally.

Towards New Heights

In Sweden during 2019 we participated in the regional knowledge project “Towards new heights”, which aims to spark young people’s interest in science and mathematics. Thousands of students together with their teachers were given a unique opportunity to visit the Nobel Museum’s creative exhibition, Xperiment, which is currently located at our premises in Markaryd.  


Support for others

In many communities where we are a major player, local development is positively affected by our presence and our need for services. As employers, taxpayers and partners to many local entrepreneurs, we have a major positive impact on local economies and investments in infrastructure.

Hand in Hand

Since 2015 we have been working with the organisation Hand in Hand, becoming a sponsor for a village project. The project aims to lift an entire village out of poverty. Women in smaller groups are educated and trained in entrepreneurship and finance. They can apply for microloans to run their own businesses.

To ensure that our efforts produce results we visited both the village and the girls’ school, and we can state that we truly made a difference for the women and children in the area.

NIBE supports the Agenda 2030 goals by


Promoting a safe and secure working environment, protecting workers’ rights and ensuring decent working conditions in both their own activities and in the supply chain, along with protecting jobs and growth. (Goal 8)

For statistics and more information

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