Management Philosophy

Our management philosophy is deeply rooted in eight basic ideas that constitute the foundation of all our operations and create the conditions for our continued success.

Although our top priority is profitability, which is essential to our ability to operate, we will never compromise on our values to achieve it.

Our attitude is that long-term profitability can only be based on respect for legislation, honesty, good relations and transparency. Our business principles are available in 18 languages.

Our Business Principles


Good profitability

Good profitability is and always has been our tradition and is the most fundamental and important factor behind long-term success and sustained growth. It ensures freedom of action and independence, generates well-being and security for employees and makes us an attractive employer when we recruit new employees.


High productivity

High productivity is essential to good competitiveness, and our productivity philosophy is based on the belief that everything can always be improved and that, if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Performance-based salary systems based on accurate methods time measurements (MTM) encourage optimisation of working time and promote high productivity and fair salaries.


Aggressive product development

Aggressive product development is crucial to good organic growth and establishing a foothold in new markets. Our focus is on leading the way in intelligent, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly products that help mitigate climate impact and promote sustainable development.


Quality in everything – focus on the customer

We must be a secure partner whom customers can always rely on. NIBE must have certified management systems for quality and the environment in place in its production facilities. NIBE must be available to help its customers when needed and deal with them in a professional manner so that they can choose the right solutions that will help reduce their costs and their environmental impact.


Focus on three core businesses

A clear focus on three business areas creates clarity both internally and externally. It also spreads risk and results in reasonable risk exposure. Another benefit is the constant increase in know-how in each area, which gives us an analytical advantage that can be used for acquisitions.


Committed employees

Commitment is created by clear, sincere leadership that sets a good example. Shared values, simple organisational forms and development opportunities for all create a culture characterised by initiative, humility and common sense in which everyone can thrive.


A long-term approach

A long-term approach means that responsibility, resilience and continuity will always triumph in the long run. Changes are only implemented after careful consideration and testing, and our ambition to create long-term relationships, internally as well as with customers and suppliers, provides the platform for truly sustainable business activities.


Market-oriented expansion built on common sense

Continuous growth is essential to our development. A combination of good organic growth and prudent acquisitions is the best possible way to constantly breathe new life into the organisation. Expansion into new markets must be carefully considered and consistently implemented.

Our Values

Our values are an important part of our management philosophy and our corporate culture, and they emphasise that we want to act as a responsible company in relation to the people near us, our external stakeholders and the environment.

Our values are firmly rooted in our long and proud tradition of responsible entrepreneurship.

We work consistently to communicate our core values to all employees in the Group.

Our values are available in 18 languages.


Respect for human rights

Our most fundamental undertaking is to respect the people who are affected by our operations and their human rights.


Good working conditions

The working environment in our operations must maintain a high standard and contribute to employee well-being and development. Our suppliers and other partners must also share this approach.


Reduced environmental impact

A holistic approach to environmental issues must play a key role in everything from product development activities, manufacturing and choice of materials to transportation, product functionality and end-of-life recycling.


Product liability

Our basic principle is that NIBE will pay due regard to all factors which have a bearing on the quality, safety and environmental performance of products.


Sound business ethics

We must comply with applicable legislation and have zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. We must also communicate honestly.



To build trust and create relationships, we must be open and honest in our communication and follow rules and standards.


Responsible purchasing

We must prioritise suppliers that apply the same principles as we do in terms of code of conduct, quality requirements and business principles.


Corporate citizenship

We must be good citizens in the local communities in which we operate by supporting local initiatives and contributing to positive development.

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