NIBE share split

The Annual General Meeting of shareholders in NIBE Industrier AB on 12 May 2016 approved the proposal for a 4:1 split of NIBE Industrier’s shares, from SEK 0.625 per share to a new nominal value of SEK 0.15625 per share.

This means that the number of shares in the company will be quadrupled as each existing share is replaced by four new shares.

At the same time, mathematical logic dictates that the share price will be reduced to one fourth of the value it had before the split.


The record day will be 30 May 2016 and the new shares will be registered in the respective shareholder’s account on 31 May 2016.


The final day for trading with shares prior to the split is 26 May 2016. The first day for trading with shares after the split is 27 May 2016.


As a result of the split the number of outstanding shares in the company will rise from 110,253,638 to a total of 441,014,552.

Benny Torstensson, CIO: +46 433-73 70

Christel Fritiofsson, Investor Relations: +46 433-73 078