Sustainable from bedrock to roof

With its 120 subsidiaries, the energy solution group NIBE has a huge product supply. This enables sustainable systems that can make a real difference. The Group is now investing heavily in major, complex property projects.

“It’s a fantastic saving, both for us and for the environment”, says Göran Bengtsson, chairman of tenant-owner association ”Niklas”.

Environmental requirements on properties are becoming increasingly strict. Furthermore, many property owners also want to lead by example, placing even higher sustainability requirements on their own properties.


“To meet such environmental requirements and actually reduce energy consumption, people need heat pumps, solar cells and efficient ventilation systems. And those systems must work together to be able to maximise synergy effects,” says Fredrik Snygg, Regional Manager for commercial properties in Sweden at NIBE.


The best synergy effects are created when the units can easily communicate with each other – and that is where NIBE has a big advantage. With approximately 120 subsidiaries worldwide, the Swedish heat pump manufacturer is able to offer a wide range of energy products that are also built to work optimally with each other.


“Together with our subsidiaries, we are a complete system supplier that can help our customers with everything – from bedrock to roofs. When we acquire companies, we do so with a greater whole in mind. A good example of this is the district heating company Cetetherm, which was acquired in 2018,” says Snygg.

“The systems must work together to maximise the synergy effects,” says NIBE’s Fredrik Snygg.

“Should be easy”

NIBE works with everything from smaller apartment buildings to larger property complexes, public properties and churches.

“Regardless of the type of building or business we work with, we are a complete supplier that takes comprehensive responsibility. We are involved in developing an initial strategy for the project and then serve as a technical sounding board for installation engineers and consultants during the detailed planning and production,” notes Snygg, before continuing:


“We want to make it easy to be a NIBE customer. Consultants, installation engineers and customers should feel confident that NIBE has the technical knowledge to be able to support them through an entire project. Furthermore, a contact person is allocated for all our subsidiaries.”

As important in new builds as in old

An efficient energy system comes as standard in new construction projects in 2021, but it is equally important that older properties are also updated with a modern system. The tenant-owner association "Niklas" in Älmhult, Sweden did just that.

“The three buildings in the tenant-owner association are from the sixties and suffered from major heat loss. By recycling hot air from the ventilation and installing new geothermal heat pumps and solar cells on the roofs, the association was able to reduce its total energy consumption by 75 percent,” explains Snygg.

“Many elderly people suffer during the hot summer months, and it has become vital for nursing homes to be able to cool down their premises when temperatures rise. In the summer we can use the boreholes to cool the property. The residual heat also goes back down into the hole and warms it ahead of the winter. This way we produce a synergy effect that streamlines energy consumption all year round,” concludes Snygg.