Our business principles

Our Business Principles

Our vision is to create world-class solutions in sustainable energy. We want to combine strong and sustainable growth with good profitability. Through this we increase value for our shareholders and create the conditions for continued good long-term development.

Our management philosophy is based on success factors for growth through profitability and responsibility. The basic concepts are gathered under the term Our Business Principles. In a successful company there cannot be any compromises regarding issues such as profitability, quality, sustainable development and social responsibility. Being familiar with NIBE's Business Principles is important to all of us. This applies whatever your position in the Group.

I am convinced that Our Business Principles must give you necessary support in your everyday work. It is the everyday and practical application of these principles that creates the conditions for sustainable value creation within NIBE.

Gerteric Lindquist

Our vision


Our sustainable, world-class ­energy solutions
contribute to a faster ­transition to a
resource-efficient and fossil-free society. 

Business ideas

Business idea

To provide the market with sustainable, ­high-quality, innovative and energyefficient products and solutions within our three different business areas

Brand promise

World-class solutions in sustainable energy. 

Dedicated employees

7. Dedicated employees

  • simple organisational forms and operational leadership create commitment
  • common values and a clear Code of Conduct guide us in our daily work
  • high requirement for honesty and straightforward messages create clarity
  • managers must set a good example
  • all employees must have the opportunity to develop
  • initiative combined with modesty and common sense are the ideal conditions for job satisfaction at NIBE.
Long term relations

8. Long-term

  • accountability, durability and continuity win in the long-term
  • reorganisation only occurs after thorough testing
  • our constant striving to establish long-term relations both internally and in the outside world creates a long-term, sustainable operation
  • continuity of ownership allows maximum focus on the operations and guarantees independence.
More information

More information

If you work within the Group you can find Our Business Principles, Our Values, policies, guidelines and checklists on the Group intranet, one.nibe.net External link..

Our Business Principles are available in a large number of languages. NIBE's annual report and sustainability report give information on how we realise Our Business Principles in our work.

We refer external stakeholders to www.nibe.com where they can access Our Business Principles, Our Values, Code of Conduct, relevant policies, the annual report and the sustainability report.