307 Environmental compliance

103 - Generic disclosures on Management Approach

Legal compliance is considered one of the most important topics as NIBE cannot operate otherwise. All our production facilities shall have environmental management systems in place, and if there are more than 10 employees, the system shall be certified according to ISO 14001. The systematic approach, control systems and regular monitoring of environmental performance makes it possible to be proactive and comply with environmental legislation.

Environmental grievance mechanisms are part of NIBE environmental responsibility and our stakeholder dialogue. We take all complaints seriously and strive to prevent reoccurrence of any event that might have caused a complaint. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the grievance mechanism is done locally within the framework of each company's environmental management system. Complaints are also reported at Group level. Should there be an unreasonable quantity of complaints, or repeated complaints about the same issue, there would be cause for an investigation and a site visit from Group sustainability. All operations have local grievance mechanisms where neighbors can contact a responsible person that will file their complaint and make sure it is handled correctly.

307-1 - Non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations

In 2017, two incidences of environmental limits being exceeded were reported and measures were taken.