Hi, I work in sales

My name is Antti and I have been working at NIBE Group since October 2011. Back then I started working at a heating element manufacturing site, Loval Oy in Finland, which is part of the NIBE Element Division. My main duty was to find new customers and grow export sales in German speaking countries. 

I moved to the UK in March 2016 and had an opportunity to stay with NIBE, continuing to work in sales in new geographical areas. My relocation was taken very positively at NIBE and now I am supporting sales at several manufacturing sites within the NIBE Element Division. Customers are mainly in the UK but I travel to Ireland and Switzerland  on a regular basis as well. 

The best thing about my job is meeting customers/people with various backgrounds. It really gives you a perspective on intercultural human behaviour and an understanding of global business. 

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