NIBE presents a totally unique heat pump

NIBE Heating, the largest business area within the NIBE Industrier Group, has unveiled a new and totally unique heat pump.

This high-tech, speed-regulated ground-source/geothermal heat pump has a frequency controlled compressor.


“There’s a strong sensation within the NIBE Group that developments throughout Europe are highly positive for our heat pumps right now,” says Gerteric Lindquist, President and CEO for NIBE Industrier.


“On the Swedish market, government subsidies have helped to fuel demand for our products. Recently we also received a little extra help from the Swedish Prime Minister, who described the heat pump as a clever Swedish ‘gadget’ that deserved to take the world by storm. In Europe as a whole demand is being boosted not only by high energy prices, but also by the environmental benefits of heat pumps and their unique ability to also ventilate and cool homes,” Lindquist continues.


The new NIBE heat pump adapts itself to the home’s energy needs and produces exactly the right output that is needed to satisfy the requirements for heating and hot water.


Even on the coldest days it will function effectively without any need for a heating element or other additional source of heating.

As a result it produces the maximum seasonal performance factor. Not only does this bring economic benefits for the owner, but it is also welcomed by the electricity supply companies, for whom cold days inevitably mean a shortfall in electricity generation output.

The heat pump is supplied fully complete together with its own intelligent control system, an efficient and effective frequency converter to minimise heat losses, and a built-in water heater.


“It is only a few months since NIBE launched the world’s first serially produced ground-source/geothermal heat pump with a heating factor in excess of 5.0,” says Gerteric Lindquist.


“That was a landmark innovation that helped consolidate our position as the undisputed leader among heat pump manufacturers, not only in Europe but worldwide.


“Now it is already time for a new product that advances the cutting edge of technology even further. The resources of NIBE Innovation are being continually reinforced, and the Group’s research and development team is working tirelessly to continue to develop the very best products in terms of technology, performance and quality. More new concepts are already on the way,” Lindquist promises.


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