Major investments for NIBE – a step into the future

With a focus on sustainability, NIBE’s customers can reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact. The company is now investing heavily in a new Innovation Center.

For almost 70 years, NIBE has produced energy-efficient and sustainable climate solutions for all types of properties. The hub of the company is located in the town of Markaryd in Småland, Sweden, where NIBE continues to invest heavily in a sustainable future by building a major new Innovation Center and Visitor Center with accompanying educational facilities.


“The Innovation Center will reflect our investment in the future. Fossil fuels are being phased out and replaced with electrified and digital solutions, such as heat pumps. Through our new Innovation Center, we will create a modern and inspiring environment that stimulates our capacity for innovation,” explains Mattias Nilsson, Head of Product Development at NIBE.

Head of Product Development Mattias Nilsson and Sandra Hansson, Head of Product Management.

An industry of the future with huge possibilities

Sustainable companies attract people with new specialist skills – something NIBE will continue to need on its journey into the future. NIBE are paving the way for many new jobs through their investments, and the global Group offers opportunities for roles abroad.

“This is an industry of the future in which we see the market for our products growing, though we also note a need for new skills. Many different professions are represented at the company and there are many pathways to pursue when contributing to the development of sustainable energy solutions,” adds Nilsson.

It was particularly important for NIBE that all of the new builds in Markaryd be environmentally certified to gold standard. Illustration: Carl-Johan Isrenn

Innovative opportunities

The new centre is an entirely new building, certified as ‘gold’ by the Sweden Green Building Council, which will replace the company’s current lab facility. Completion is planned for 2024. The centre, containing over 5,000 square metres of floor space, will offer numerous opportunities for advanced testing in Markaryd and the development of energy-efficient products for the future.

“Heat pumps have developed from being mainly electromagnetic to electrified and digitised products. Testing requirements have also changed in line with this shift, which is why we must evaluate and adapt our products to continue playing a leading role in the global transition towards a sustainable society,” adds Nilsson.

NIBE’s new Innovation Center will be a modern and inspiring environment that stimulates the company’s capacity for innovation. Illustration: Carl-Johan Isrenn

Focus on sustainability

In connection with the Innovation Center, an exhibition centre and accompanying educational premises with a focus on sustainability is being built.

“We are striving to retain much of the current market centre by modernising and expanding it. The building will be a meeting place for both visitors and staff. Our education section will focus on education in the fields of electrification and digitisation, as well as general heat pump technology, which is a field that is in great demand. The exhibition section will have an impressive hall in which NIBE’s climate-smart solutions and ongoing journey towards a sustainable future will be displayed,” explains Sandra Hansson, Head of Project Management at NIBE.