413 Local communities

103 - Generic Disclosures on Management Approach 

All companies have a responsibility to act according to Our Values and Principles as good citizens in the communities where we are present.
NIBE do not collect specific information on local engagement and impact assessments. We do however follow reports through grievance mechanisms and information about potential impact on local communities that might come as a result of our annual risk assessments.

413-1 - Operations with local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programs

Many of our companies are major employers in the local communities in which they operate. Each company has great freedom, within the framework of Our Values, to decide how it wants to contribute to the development of its community. In 2017, local initiatives relating to culture, sport, health and young people were sponsored to the tune of SEK 2,3 million (1,8 million).

413-2 - Operations with significant actual and potential negative impacts on local communities

Not reported.