Reporting companies


Production companies included in the reporting in 2016:
The report includes all companies (see Annual Report p. 88, 89) concerning financial data and employee statistics.


Concerning environmental impact, like material use, waste and effluents, 44 (42) production companies are included as listed below.


*These companies have been added since the previous reporting period. Together they comprise approximately 0.6% of total sales.

Concerning energy use, 25 sales companies are also included:

  • ABK AS
  • AIT Schweiz AG
  • Backer Calesco France Sarl
  • Backer EHP, Inc.
  • Backer Heating Technologies Inc.
  • Backer Wolff GmbH
  • Backer-Wilson Elements Pty Ltd
  • Hyper Engineering Pty Ltd
  • KKT chillers, Inc.
  • Lotus Heating Systems A/S
  • Lund & Sörensen A/S
  • METRO Therm AB
  • Motron A/S
  • NIBE Energietechniek B.V.
  • NIBE Energy Systems France SARL
  • NIBE Energy Systems Ltd
  • NIBE Energy Systems OY
  • NIBE Foyers France S.A.S.
  • NIBE Systemtechnik GmbH
  • Nordpeis AS
  • Schulthess Maschinen GmbH
  • Stovax Limited
  • TermaTech A/S
  • Varde Ovne A/S
  • Völund Varmeteknik A/S