Governance and Ethics

Aspect: Governance

G4-34 - Governance structure of the organisation

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Management of the Group’s sustainability work


NIBE’s Board of Directors bears the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that risks are managed and sustainability work meets the requirements of public authorities, shareholders and other company stakeholders.


The Group’s working group for sustainability reports to the Sustainability Council, which consists of the working group, the Managing Director, the CFO and the business area managers.

A large proportion of the work is governed by national legislation, for example environmental legislation and labour law, but we are also under an obligation to comply with regional and international law and voluntary undertakings such as the Global Compact.

The management of each company is responsible for local operational sustainability work and for compliance with Group guidelines. These managers report to the business area managers in each area.

The Group’s working group for sustainability regularly visits the companies in the Group to monitor compliance with com-mon policies and guidelines. The working group is also responsible for the work at a strategic level and reports on sustainability issues to the Boards of Directors at Group and business area level.


Aspect: Ethics and Integrity

G4-56 - Internally developed statements of mission or values and principles

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We have expressed our code of conduct in three folders titled Our Values, Our Business Principles and Our working methods. The content is aligned with the ten principles of the Global Compact. The folders are available in fourteen languages on our website and on the NIBE intranet. All companies are provided with the printed version and the content is part of the induction training. When a new company enters the Group, the management is obliged to communicate the code of conduct to all employees. The implementation is evaluated by the working group for sustainability issues in connection with regular company visits.


G4-57 - The internal and external mechanisms for seeking advice on ethical and lawful behavior

Advice on ethical and lawful behaviour is mainly taken care of within the line organisation. Managers have the responsibility to seek advice when their knowledge or mandate is not sufficient. When especially delicate or difficult matters occur, access to expertise is granted through channels both within and outside the organisation.


G4-58 - The internal and external mechanisms for reporting concerns about unethical or unlawful behavior

All individuals within or outside the organisation are authorised to report any concern about unethical or unlawful behaviour. Employees are engouraged to report this through the line management, but if that is not possible, they are encouraged to use the whistleblowing function. The whistleblowing function is a shared external resource used by all companies within NIBE Group and the procedure how to use the function is communicated to all employees. Information about how to report is also available on our intranet. We usually receive one or two reports each year and these are handled according to the nature of the case.