NIBE Element

Components and solutions that save energy

Our customers are in a wide range of sectors, and we help their products benefit end users in a variety of areas:

Domestic and household appliances

A complete range adapted for large-scale bulk production of solutions for heat generation and control for domestic and household appliances.

Advanced technology, medicine, aviation

Solutions for highly specialised, demanding areas of expertise such as medical equipment/laboratories, electronic and semiconductor equipment for space, defence and industrial robots, all with their specific specifications and rules.

Commercial products, professional kitchens

Customised solutions but also standard components based on various techniques such as thick film, vacuum brazing and heat pump modules, all adapted to international regulations and standards.

HVAC – for control and regulation of indoor climate

Includes converters and soft start relays that increase the service life of electric motors by protecting them from sudden loads. Heat exchangers that deliver stable heat adapted to actual demand while ensuring low heat loss.

Energy sector

A wide range of products for both renewable energy production and the gas and oil industries. For example, electric resistors for wind turbines that improve the power supply quality and permit short interruptions in the grid without the need to shut down the turbine.

Transport – vehicles, rail-based, ships and aircraft

Intelligent solutions for both infrastructure and rail-based vehicles in the railway sector, as well as on-line control and software for equipment control. A wide range of components for the automotive industry, including electric and hybrid vehicles.

Industry, projects

Customised design and construction, plus installation and commissioning of controller cabinets and associated control panels. Also a wide range of standard components.

We master several technologies that enable solutions to be manufactured optimally for their application and industry.

Tubular elements

Aluminium elements

Foil elements

Thick film elements

PTC elements

High power

Open spirals and tapes

Heat exchangers

Heating cables

Heating jackets

Ceramic elements


Heat pump technology


Control equipment

Flexible hoses

NIBE Group – A global Group with companies and a presence worldwide

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