Training and education

DMA - Generic Disclosures on Management Approach

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Our operations are knowledge-intensive and subject to constant development, which means that employees need to continuously make use of the opportunity to develop their skills. Competence development is important for all companies within NIBE Group in order to secure efficiency and competitiveness.


G4-LA9 - Average hours of training per year


A total of 190,000 (212,000) hours of training were conducted in various areas in 2016. This is equivalent to approximately 16 (20) hours of training per employee.


Human resources management within NIBE is decentralised with local HR units identifying training and development gaps and opportunities for the local employee population. We are not able to report training hours by gender and employee category at present.


G4-LA11 - Percentage of employees receiving regular performance reviews

In 2016 the reported total percentage of employees receiving documented performance and career development reviews was 60% (57%).

We have no data to report by gender and by employee category. At this moment we cannot break down these data into gender and employee categories.