DMA - Generic Disclosures on Management Approach

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We monitor the employee turnover rate as it is an important KPI for employee satisfaction. In some countries the KPI also indicates access to the workforce as there can be significant seasonal differences in the turnover rate. We strive to find ways to retain employees on a regular long term basis in countries where the tradition and culture is mainly for short term employment, as this enhances productivity and minimises loss of competent employees.


G4-LA1 - Total number and rates of new employee hires and employee turnover

 The employee turnover* was 6.6% (7.1%).

*Employee turnover is calculated based on permanent employees who voluntarily end their employment. Due to different calculation criteria, with temporary employees being included in the figures reported for some plants in Mexico and China, these plants have not been included in the statistics. A new joint method for calculating employee turnover will be prepared in 2017.