Diversity and equal opportunity

DMA - Generic Disclosures on Management Approach 

Diversity and equal opportunity are part of NIBE's core values and our commitment to respect human rights. That committment applies to all levels and all companies within the NIBE Group. In an international group, you learn to respect cultural and social differences, and above all you learn that people have more in common than they have differences. Regardless of language, ethnicity, gender, age or background, everyone wants to be respected and have the same opportunities without any form of discrimination. We strive to work in a way that guarantees tolerance to differences and gives everyone the same opportunities for development, training and careers.


We have recently started to gather information about the Boards of Directors within the Group and today we can report statistics, even if the data is not complete.


G4-LA12 - Composition of governance bodies and other indicators of diversity

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The Board of Directors for NIBE Group consists of four men and two women. Their ages are between 56 and 65, with an average of 61.2. All are of Swedish nationality. The three business areas have informal boards of directors at BA level and formal boards at the different company levels, as some of the subsidiaries also have subsidiaries.