Environmental grievance mechanisms

DMA - Generic Disclosures on Management Approach

Environmental grievance mechanisms are part of our environmental responsibility and our stakeholder dialogue. We take all complaints seriously and strive to prevent reoccurence of any event that might have caused a complaint. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the grievance mechanism is made locally within the frame of each company's environmental management system. Complaints are also reported at Group level. Should there be an unreasonable quantity of complaints, or repeated complaint on the same issue, there would be cause for an investigation and a site visit from Group sustainability.


G4-EN34 - Total number of grievances about environmental impacts

There were two complaints registered through our grievance mechanisms in 2016: 


  • The authorities complained about high noise levels to one of our Polish companies.
    Noise levels were too high both during night and day. Investigations identified filter and compressor room as main sources. Investments were made and the noise was successfully lowered. However, there is still a small exceeding of the nighttime limit and a specialist is engaged to identify the source of that noise. Work is still ongoing.
  • A neighbour (private person) complained about noise to one of our Danish companies. The complaint was due to high noise levels during night time from the exhauster. A noise reductor was installed inside the exhaust pipe. The authorities made control measurements and the result was satisfactory. There has been no complaints from neighbours after that.