Economic Performance

DMA - Generic Disclosures on Management Approach

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NIBE's overall goal is to combine strong and sustained growth with good profitability in order to create long term value. Strong profitability is considered as the basic condition for our long term success. All three business areas have the target of an operating profit of at least 10% of sales per year.


Profitability and value creation is important for the company itself, our employees and our freedom to act, but it is also important for our shareholders, our suppliers and others who depend on our business to continue their own business.


G4-EC1 - Direct economic value generated and distributed

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G4-EC2 - Risks and opportunities due to climate change

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Extreme weather conditions in the form of storms, flooding and extreme heat or cold represent a risk of damage to property and entail an increased risk of damage to the environment in the form of spills, unplanned discharges and leakage. They also create a risk that production will be interrupted and ability to supply will fall. Risks of damage and loss can be minimised using risk analyses and preventive measures and by being prepared. NIBE has global insurance cover for major losses caused by natural disasters.


We see business opportunities as many of our products contribute to the transition to a less carbon intense society.


G4-EC3 - Coverage of the organisation's defined benefit plan obligations


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