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It is natural for NIBE to play a key role in international

ambitions to contribute to sustainable development.



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NIBE adds value – in the home


Comfort, convenience and peace of mind

NIBE wants to help reduce energy consumption for our customers and for society at large by developing world-class solutions in sustainable energy. Much of what we experience as comfort, convenience and peace of mind in our modern homes comes from equipment that uses energy to heat, cool, ventilate or otherwise achieve a comfortable indoor climate. NIBE is involved with most of these types of equipment, either as a manufacturer of a product or system solution or as a manufacturer of one or more components in a product.

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Good indoor climate comfort

A heat pump from NIBE is one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat your home and causes lower carbon dioxide emissions than traditional heating with fossil fuels. This both reduces costs and saves the environment for current and future generations. Combined with waterborne underfloor heating, it also produces a comfortable indoor climate.


Making life simpler and more convenient

Constant access to hot water is an important part of our quality of life. NIBE offers households peace of mind with its reliable, energy-efficient water heaters. Washing machines and tumble dryers, which make life easier for many of us, also need to be energy-efficient. They contain several components made by NIBE.


Cosy up to a stove

A stove from NIBE makes a house cosy. It gently heats and becomes a natural place to gather on winter days and evenings. A stove saves money and, as combustion is very efficient and wood is a renewable energy source, it helps save the planet too.

The kitchen – the heart of the home

Our modern kitchens today contain many appliances that are used frequently. Most of them, such as toasters, coffee makers, ovens and dishwashers, incorporate components produced by NIBE, which helps them be as energy-efficient as possible when they are used.

NIBE adds value – in large properties


We heat, cool and ventilate 

The bigger the building, the higher the investment in indoor climate comfort equipment and the more important it is to make the right choices in terms of reliability, cost and the climate. NIBE has the knowledge, experience and technical solutions to achieve the best concept for any type of property, whether it is an apartment block, an industrial building, a farm, a hotel, a church or a country house. 


Heat, cooling and ventilation are one of the biggest cost items and one of the biggest environmental aspects of large hotels. The entire indoor climate comfort system can be automated and controlled remotely using NIBE’s online solutions. Heat pumps save energy even when idle, and the units have active cooling modules that produce excellent air conditioning.


Apartment blocks

In apartment blocks, each apartment may have shared or individual heating, but in both cases the building can have a shared control and monitoring centre with NIBE concept solutions. These make it possible to optimise energy use in the property. Heat pumps produce heat, hot water and cooling.


Public buildings 

Public buildings have traditionally been heated with oil, gas or coal. Many buildings are still heated in this way and they need to switch to cleaner, greener technology. NIBE offers climate control solutions based on technology such as geothermal energy, which is good for the environment and saves costs.


Renovation of old buildings

Old country houses and mansions present a challenge when it comes to reducing heating costs. Consequently, it makes financial sense to invest in a modern heating system when they are renovated. NIBE can offer know-how and the latest renewable energy technology, which permits old properties to be climate-friendly without losing their charm and beauty.

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NIBE adds value – in Industry

We offer intelligent heating and control 

NIBE is a partner to many companies in a wide range of industries, developing and manufacturing components and solutions for intelligent heating and control that offer various solutions for a host of specific products.

Comfort requirements of car owners

The requirements for comfort in various types of vehicle are constantly becoming stricter. This has generated a great need for new applications based on element technology. One of the latest applications is heated windscreen wipers from NIBE. This will probably be a standard feature of vehicles in the future.


Resistors have many areas of application

NIBE is a major manufacturer of resistors, which are an important balancing component in electronic systems and products. NIBE resistors are used for controlling and regulating the action of industrial robots, lifts and electric motors and a wealth of other applications across a broad spectrum of industries.

Equipment that saves lives

Developments are rapid in the medtech industry and new solutions save lives. NIBE contributes by being at the cutting edge of product development based on foil elements for various applications such as operating tables, sterilisation equipment, DNA analysis and respirators.


Hybrid vehicles

New hybrid vehicle models are constantly being launched for both passengers and commercial use. NIBE plays an active part in the development of products for efficient energy utilisation, for example delivering elements for battery heaters and interior heaters using sources such as braking energy.

Nibe in large properties

NIBE adds value – for a better climate


We promote energy efficiency enhancement and sustainable development

It is natural for NIBE, with its products, to play a key role in international ambitions to achieve sustainability. We see it as our responsibility to focus on creating a product portfolio that supports the transition to a fossil-free society with reduced energy consumption. We also reduce our own impact on the climate and the environment in all stages from production to suppliers.


Heat pump modules

Heat pump technology has also begun to make its mark in industry. By utilising the Group’s expertise in heat pump technology, NIBE can offer heat pump modules in industrial processes and commercial products. For example, in professional kitchens and laundries, heat pump modules are used both in machinery and to cool and dehumidify the air, producing a better working environment and enhancing energy efficiency.


Major investments in rail-based transport

The use of private cars and heavy goods vehicles on roads presents a major challenge when it comes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Consequently, several countries are currently implementing major projects to improve infrastructure, particularly that of rail-based transport. NIBE is contributing by supplying equipment both for vehicles and for heating rails and points, which are controlled and regulated automatically.

Frequency control

Frequency-controlled compressors in heat pumps optimise energy use and reduce strain on the electricity grids. NIBE’s production of frequency converters meets very strict requirements for purity, accuracy and quality. 



Solar cells

With solar cells on the roof, property owners can produce electricity for their own use and any surplus is supplied to the grid. This is good for the climate and produces a significant gain, whichever form of heating is already used in the property. The most efficient solution is to combine solar cells with a heat pump system.




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