NIBE Group · Three business areas

NIBE Group consists of over 100 independent companies that produce, sell and market their own brands. They are located in three business areas.

Environmentally friendly, intelligent and energy-efficient products for climate control and increased indoor climate comfort and water heating. The climate impact of properties is dramatically reduced with our products, with no reduction in comfort.

Produkt example

Heat pumps

Hot water boilers

Air condition

Solar panels

An industrial partner with customised components and intelligent solutions for heating and control with a focus on sustainability. Most product groups enhance energy efficiency, optimise energy consumption and help reduce our carbon footprint.

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Energy solutions in heating

Element products

Advanced technology

Raleway, Wind, Cars, MedT

Energy-efficient stoves for various heating needs and design requirements.

Increasing the exchange of old stoves for new ones with modern technology quickly has a positive effect on the environment.

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Wood stoves

Electric stoves

Gas stoves

Inserts and cassetts

NIBE Group – A global Group with companies and a presence worldwide

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