How NIBE creates value

NIBE works actively to create modern, sustainable, energy-efficient products and systems. It contributes to increased use of renewable energy and creates long-term value for customers and the climate.

NIBE's resources

Efficient use of resources boosts profitability. By conserving resources and recycling more we can help reduce environmental impact while reducing costs.



  • Working capital, including cash and bank balances totals SEK 8,762 million
  • Investments in non-current assets totals SEK 2,059 million, of which acquisitions SEK 1,005 million


  • 85 manufacturing units
  • 30 countries
  • 37 sales offices

Natural resources

  • 224 kilotons raw materials and input materials
  • 308 GWh of energy
  • 391,092 m3 water

Intellectual capital

  • 17,000 employees
  • More than 80 brands


  • Customers
  • 51,700 shareholders
  • More than 50 local communities
  • Lenders
  • 10,800 suppliers (direct materials)

Strategic priorities

Growth with profitability

Sustainable organic growth in different product areas and further development of the business, combined with strategic acquisitions, creates the conditions for healthy profitability.


Aggressive product development that focuses on innovation for sustainable development, fossil-free technologies and higher energy efficiency guide all product development.

Market-oriented expansion

Investments in attractive market segments as well as an efficient, competitive organisational structure allow for an optimal market presence globally.

A long-term approach

Clear shared values and long-term ownership create continuity and stability in the Group.

Customer offering


Honest marketing of sustainable products and solutions lays the foundations for customer satisfaction, long-term relationships and stable earnings. By arguing in favour of our sustainable products and solutions, we are also taking a clear initiative on climate issues.

Products in use

Our products add value for our customers year after year in the form of reduced energy costs, reduced climate impact and better functionality. This also means that customers contribute to the transition to a more sustainable future.


The contents of our products are highly recyclable (about 98%), which is important to reducing environmental impact. We have producer responsibility for consumer products and are associated with recycling systems where they are available for collection of products after use.

NIBE adds value

By using NIBE's products, our customers contribute to the transition to a more sustainable future. Our products reduce both customers' energy costs and their environmental impact

Economic value
for stakeholders

  • Customers Sales SEK 25,342 m
  • Suppliers Payments SEK 14,612 m
  • Shareholders Dividend SEK 655 m
  • Employees Salaries and social security contributions SEK 6,631 m
  • Public sector Taxes SEK 652 m
  • Local community Sponsorship,
    donations SEK 3 m
  • Lenders Interest SEK 205 m

Added value from NIBE's products

  • Proportion of LCE classified products: 56.1%
  • Heat pumps, renewable energy
  • Solar products, renewable energy
  • Heat exchangers, energy recovery, energy optimisation
  • Components, energy conservation
  • Stoves, renewable energy