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NIBE in the home – Comfort, convenience and peace of mind


Many of the convenient products used in our homes today have a component from NIBE or are a NIBE product. We work continuously to create sustainable energy solutions, helping reduce energy consumption for our customers and for society at large.

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A pleasant indoor climate

A heat pump is an energy-efficient, comfortable solution for domestic heating that is kind to family finances while taking good care of the environment for current and future generations. Water-borne underfloor heating combined with heat pumps from NIBE make floors warm enough for children to play on and scamper around barefoot indoors all year round. 


The kitchen – the heart of the home

Our modern kitchens today contain many appliances that are used frequently. Most of them, such as toasters, coffee makers, ovens and dishwashers, incorporate components produced by NIBE.


Cosy up to a wood-burning stove

There’s nothing cosier than relaxing in front of a NIBE stove, which gently heats your home. A stove saves money and, as combustion is very efficient and wood is a renewable energy source, it helps save the planet too. 

Hot water – always on tap

You always need plenty of hot water with children in the family. So it feels good to be able to rely on a constant supply from a water heater and tubular elements from NIBE. Many families also use their washing machine every day. Just like the tumble-dryer and heated towel rail, it includes several components made by NIBE.

NIBE in large properties – We heat and cool


Large buildings require large investments in heating equipment and indoor climate comfort. NIBE offers various alternative products and concept solutions for large properties such as apartment blocks, industrial and agricultural premises, hotels, churches and even stately homes.

Apartment blocks

In apartment blocks, each apartment may have shared or individual heating, but in both cases the building can have a shared control and monitoring centre with NIBE concept solutions. Heat pumps produce heat, hot water and cooling.  

Large exhibition halls

NIBE’s heat pumps are used for both heat and cooling in large exhibition halls and shopping centres. The entire indoor climate comfort system can be controlled remotely using NIBE’s online solutions. Heat pumps save energy even when idle, and the units have active cooling modules that produce excellent air conditioning. 


Renovation of old buildings

When renovating palaces and stately homes, which often consume large amounts of energy for heating, it is well worth investing in a heating system from NIBE, which offers state-of-the-art renewable energy technology. 


Public buildings

It is common for public buildings to be heated with oil, gas or coal. Heating with geothermal systems from NIBE that take heat from the ground is cleaner, quieter and more sustainable. The systems can also be used in training contexts with the aim of reducing environmental impact.   

Nibe in large properties

NIBE in Industry – We measure, control and heat

NIBE is a partner to many companies in a wide range of industries, developing and manufacturing components and systems for measurement, control and heating that offer various solutions for a host of specific products.

Equipment that saves lives

Developments are rapid in the medtech industry and new solutions save lives. NIBE is at the cutting edge of product development here, based on foil elements for various applications such as operating tables, sterilisation equipment, DNA analysis and respirators.


Comfort requirements in the automotive industry

The requirements for comfort in various types of vehicle are constantly becoming stricter. This has generated a great need for new applications based on element technology. One of the latest applications is heated windscreen wipers from NIBE. This will probably be a standard feature of vehicles in the future. 

Major investments in rail-based transport

Several countries are currently implementing major projects to improve infrastructure, particularly that of rail-based transport. NIBE supplies many different applications in this area for both vehicles and infrastructure, including equipment for heating track and points that is controlled and regulated automatically.


Resistors have many areas of application

Resistors are often an important balancing component of systems and products that use electricity. NIBE resistors are used to control and regulate industrial robots, lifts and electric motors across a broad spectrum of industries. 

Nibe in large properties

NIBE enhances energy efficiency – We help to enhance energy efficiency and sustainable development


Today one of the main objectives of most product development activities is to make more efficient use of energy, not only in the products developed, but also throughout the production process itself.


Heat pump modules

Heat pumps have also begun to make their mark in industry. By utilising the Group’s expertise in heat pump technology, NIBE can now offer heat pump modules for use in industrial processes and commercial products such as dishwashers for professional kitchens. Customers benefit from an improved indoor environment, while reducing energy consumption.


Hybrid vehicles

New hybrid vehicle models are constantly being launched, including both cars and vehicles for commercial use. NIBE plays an active part in helping to improve the energy efficiency of these hybrid vehicles and supplies elements for preheating batteries and resistors that can make use of the energy generated when braking.

Frequency control

Frequency-controlled compressors in heat pumps optimise energy use and reduce strain on the electricity grids. NIBE’s production of frequency converters meets very strict requirements for cleanness, accuracy and quality.  


Wind turbines

The 21st century has seen a surge in the number of onshore wind farms. NIBE Element acts as a development partner to the industry, supplying heating equipment for the nacelles and hardware to ensure a more consistent power supply to the grid.




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